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Amanian Gate

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The Amanian Gate (Latin: Amani Portae) or Bahçe Pass (Turkish: Bahçe Geçidi), also known as the Amanus Pass or Amanides Pylae (Ἀμανίδες or Ἀμανικαί Πύλαι ‘Amanus Gates’), is a mountain pass located on the border between Osmaniye and Gaziantep provinces in south-central Turkey

Argentina Home LAMELA 18 Jerseys

Argentina Home LAMELA 18 Jerseys



. The pass provides a way through the northern Amanus Mountains (modern Nur Mountains) lint shaver canada, connecting Cilicia to southern Anatolia and northern Syria. It is one of two passes through the Amanus, the other being the Syrian Gate to the south.

The Amanian Gate was mentioned in the ancient Nabonidus Chronicle.

The pass played an important role leading to the Battle of Issus. The Persian army advanced through the Amanic Gate or another nearby pass, coming behind the Macedonian army which turned back to face and defeat the Persian army. The exact Persian strategy remains in dispute. According to Jona Lendering, after a part of Alexander the Great army occupied the Syrian Gate, Darius III of Persia decided to lead his army north through the Amanian Gate and place his army between the two Macedonian armies at the town of Issus. However, the Macedonians joined forces before the arrival of Darius, and the outcome was Persian defeat. However, Donald Engels rejects a similar interpretation.

According to some historians, after the conquest of the Levant by the Arab Caliphate, the Mardaites, Christians following either Miaphysitism or Monothelitism, gained a semi-independent status around the Amanus Mountains within the Byzantine-Arab border region. They initially agreed to serve as spies for the Arabs and to guard the Amanian Gate, but their loyalty was intermittent and they often sided with the Byzantines instead.

Guillermo Bahamonde Hoppe

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Guillermo Bahamonde Hoppe (Concepción, 1878 – Santiago, 26 de agosto de 1915) Abogado y diputado chileno.

Sus padres fueron Rodolfo Bahamonde Larenas y Flora Hoppe Galilea.

Se casó con Ema Suárez Mujica y no tuvieron hijos.

Hizo sus estudios de Humanidades en el Seminario Conciliar de Concepción y cursó Leyes en el Liceo de la misma ciudad, hasta obtener su título de abogado el 3 de julio de 1903, después de una memoria presentada a la Corte Suprema.

En el año 1896 y hasta poco antes de recibirse de abogado, ocupó el cargo de oficial primero de la Intendencia de Concepción

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Argentina Home LAMELA 18 Jerseys



, durante la administración de Agustín Vargas Novoa.

En los años 1905 y 1906 fue secretario del Juzgado de Letras de Talcahuano, cargo al que renunció a fines de 1906, para dedicarse al ejercicio de su profesión de abogado en Talcahuano. Fue abogado de numerosas casas mayoristas de Concepción y Talcahuano y de la Municipalidad de Talcahuano. Al mismo tiempo desempeñaba las cátedras de Derecho y Castellano en el Instituto Comercial de aquel puerto.

Fue elegido diputado al Congreso Nacional para el periodo 1912-1915, por Coelemu y Talcahuano; reelegido para el periodo 1915-1918, por la misma zona.

Desde que llegó al Congreso fue miembro de la Comisión de Gobierno boys football shirts; diputado reemplazante en la Comisión de Elecciones; en el segundo periodo fue miembro de la Comisión de Elecciones y la Comisión de Gobierno; autor de diferentes proyectos de ley en temas como, sobre edificación, pavimentación, servicios eléctricos, plan económico y otros.

En diferentes ocasiones fue Gobernador Suplente de Talcahuano y en otras, Juez Letrado y Promotor Fiscal subrogante del mismo departamento.

Fue miembro y secretario de la Cámara de Comercio de Talcahuano, desde el año 1907 hasta ser elegido diputado.

Fue miembro del Partido Radical, quienes lo llevaron a la Cámara, donde luchó contra la corrupción, y debido a ello, en un incidente, dejó de existir, el 26 de agosto de 1915, al comienzo de su segundo periodo parlamentario.

Dustin Fletcher

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Dustin Andrew Fletcher (born 7 May 1975) is a former professional Australian rules footballer who played for the Essendon Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). He is widely acknowledged as one of the finest defenders in the league’s history.

Fletcher was recruited by the Essendon Football Club in the 1992 National Draft running bib belt. He played his first senior game for the Bombers against Carlton in his senior year of high school at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School.

He was a key member of the 1993 premiership team in his first AFL season, a team which is often referred to as the “Baby Bombers”.

Fletcher also played in the 2000 premiership team, a year in which he also won the W.S. Crichton Medal as Essendon’s best and fairest and was selected in the All-Australian team.

Noted for his longevity in the game, Fletcher played a total of 400 senior VFL/AFL games, which stands as the fourth-most by any player as of the end of the 2016 season. Fletcher played his 400th game in Round 9, 2015 tee football, becoming the third player in VFL/AFL history to reach the milestone, after Michael Tuck and Kevin Bartlett; it would end up being his final game, as he was unable to recover from a groin injury sustained during the match. He holds the outright Essendon games record, having overtaken the previous record of 378 games held by Simon Madden in Round 1, 2014. He is the second oldest player to play a VFL/AFL game

Argentina Home LAMELA 18 Jerseys

Argentina Home LAMELA 18 Jerseys



, aged 40 years and 23 days at the time of his final game, behind only Vic Cumberland (who played the 1920 season aged 43). With his father, Ken, the Fletchers hold the record for the most VFL/AFL career games played by a father and son, with 664 games between them.

On 12 January 2016, during the summer after his retirement, Fletcher was named as one of 34 past and present Essendon players found guilty over their use of illegal supplements during the 2012 AFL season. As a result, Fletcher was suspended from playing at all levels for 24 months, which with backdating and provisional suspension served resulted in suspension until November 2016.

After serving his suspension, Fletcher will return in 2017 to play suburban football for Essendon Doutta Stars.

Fletcher’s execution of the torpedo punt was often used as a set-play clearing strategy by coach Kevin Sheedy all football uniforms. In a game in 2007, he kicked a torpedo punt goal from more than 70 metres. According to The Sunday Age, it was the fifth longest kick in the history of the VFL/AFL.

Fletcher served as the Australia international rules football team’s goalkeeper for four series: the 2005 series, the 2006 series the 2010 series and the 2014 series. Along with Barry Hall, Fletcher was one of Australia’s co-captains for the 2006 series. He is regarded as Australia’s greatest keeper throughout the series. He retired from top level football with a final International rules match, at the 2015 series in Ireland.

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