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Border Break

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Border Break: Sega Network Robot Wars (ボーダーブレイク, Bōdā Bureiku?), is a third-person mecha action arcade game developed by Sega. It is the first title to run on Sega’s RingEdge arcade system board and it was released on September 9, 2009. It was released in Hong Kong on January 25, 2010 and in Taiwan on April 1, 2010.
Within one month by the end of September 2009, at least 2,436 Border Break machines were sold to arcade operators, which increased to nearly 3,000 machines by the end of 2009. As of March 2012, the game has grossed ¥8.1 billion from arcade machine sales, equivalent to more than $100 million.

The game premise basically focuses on robot battle through network connectivity between arcade cabinets. Two teams of ten robots will battle it out across different landscapes, which include cities, towns, and facilities. In each map, each team’s goal is to destroy the opposing team’s energy reactor core in order to win the match. Both cores are marked in blue and red respectively. At the end of each match, Class Points will be given to the player to level up their current rank.
The class point also affects the rank of the player. Generally, players who have just started the game will start playing in a series of cooperative battles against a computer-controlled “bots” team. The player will start facing actual opponents once when he / she has attained the rank of D4.
In Border Break, the robots, which are known as Blast Runners. Blast Runners are divided into four parts.
Each part determine different performance of Blast Runners:
If all four parts of a Blast Runner belongs to the same series(different types are OK), The Blast Runner will receive series bonus.
There are four different classes of battle robots to choose:
Communication between players of the same team uses the touch-screen capability in Border Break. Players can press the onscreen commands and responses to inform the team of their next move. They can send the entire team to attack an enemy together, defend themselves from a designated spot, call for reinforcements, scout the area ahead. Responses come with affirmation and NG (not able to follow the command).
Another ability to interact with a friendly Blast Runner once it is on screen. Players can say a word of thanks for help that the other Blast Runner may have done, apology for some mistake or error dior tassen, or call for that Blast Runner to join them in action together. When players touch an enemy Blast Runner or landmark on screen, they can inform their own team of their discovery, or point it out for the team to attack. Players will be able to call out to any friendly Support Blast Runner nearby by touching their own Blast Runners and choosing the option to be repaired.
In addition, Heavy players can spot a place after howitzer deployed, by press a point in enlarged map within a specific range to commence artillery strike to there.
Border Break employs a data card available for players to purchase in some arcades, similar to the one used in Ghost Squad. This card is optional and is only meant for extended play and features. At the end of each match, regardless of winning or losing, players will be rewarded with mystery boxes with randomized items. Depending on how many boxes they can open miu miu schuhe, they can choose any of them on screen to be opened and the item inside will be added to their inventory. The items or ingredients as they are called, can be used to purchase better and stronger weapons or newer body parts for their Blast Runners. Blast Runners can be customized with better body parts and colored in different schemes, providing a unique feel for the player.
Arcade credits can be used to purchase Game Points (GP) in a data card. One credit allows the purchase of 260-300 GP, while two and five credits can purchase more GP with an added incentive: a small amount of free bonus GP. However, it is at the arcade’s discretion to give the bonus GP credits. The more GP a player buys, the more time to play in a match. For example, 1200 GP can buy a player 1200 seconds (20 minutes) of game time. GP also can be used to purchase weapons and body parts, or customize the features of their pilot character, and the emblem and color of their Blast Runners.
If player reach certain achievements, respective medals are awarded. Some weapon or body parts may be required certain amount of medals specified to purchase. Some Blast Runners paints can be unlocked by collect specific sets of medals. In rank promotion mission, players are required to collect specified medals within period of time to complete it (for B5 or up).
New versions added new modes, content UI changes and balance adjustments
Kotobukiya released a series of model kits featuring the mecha from the game itself. The nine were the Cougar I, released in January 2010, the Heavy Guard II gucci outlet, released in March 2010, the Shrike I, released in May 2010, the Cougar I(A class color) with heavy armament, released in June 2010, the Shrike I with assault armament, released in July 2010, the Zebra 41, released in September 2010, the Cougar S (S class color), released in November 2010, the Saber II, released in January 2011, and the Shrike V, released in March 2011.
A CD soundtrack was released on 11/26/09 in Japan. The majority of music from Border Break is a fusion between electronica and rock. A CD single by the Japanese pop artist, Mechanical Panda, was released separately and contains the opening theme song, Last Brave~Go To Zero, used for the game.
A second CD soundtrack titled, “Border Break Airburst”, was released on 12/22/10. The music contained on this release is from the 2.0 upgraded version of the game.
A third soundtrack titled “Border Break Airburst 2”, was released on 10/03/12. This expanded soundtrack was a digital only release.
A fourth and fifth soundtrack, titled “Border Break Union GRF” and “Border Break Union EUST” were released on 11/21/12. These expanded soundtracks were digital only.
A fifth soundtrack, titled “Border Break Scramble” was released on 5/14/14 in Japan. The release was again digital only and contained music from the latest version of the game.
4 guides/manuals and 3 artbooks (2 fan-made) have been released. The BORDER BREAK ARTWORK BOOK was officially translated in English by Udon Entertainment Ted Baker Ireland 2016, and released in 2015.
2 novels have been released, Border Break Nemesis Day (2012) and Border Break Historica (2014). A manga began in 2012.


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Dehydrogenase E1 and transketolase domain containing 1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the DHTKD1 gene dior tassen. This gene encodes a component of a mitochondrial 2-oxoglutarate-dehydrogenase-complex-like protein involved in the degradation pathways of several amino acids, including lysine. Mutations in this gene are associated with 2-aminoadipic 2-oxoadipic aciduria and Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Type 2Q.

The DHTKD1 gene encodes a protein that has 919 amino acids, and is one of two isoforms within the 2-oxoglutarate-dehydrogenase complex.
DHTKD1 is part of an OGDHc-like supercomplex that is responsible for a crucial step in the degradation pathways of L-lysine, L-hydroxylysine, and L-tryptophan. Specifically, this enzyme catalyzes the decarboxylation of 2-oxoadipate to glutaryl-CoA. There is a strong correlation between DHTKD1 expression levels and ATP production, which signifies that DHTKD1 plays a critical role in energy production in mitochondria. Moreover, suppression of DHTKD1 results in decreased levels of biogenesis and increased levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) within the mitochondria. Globally, this impairs cell growth and enhances cell apoptosis.
Mutations in the DHTKD1 gene are associated with alpha-aminoadipic and alpha-ketoadipic aciduria, an autosomal recessive inborn error of lysine, hydroxylysine, and tryptophan degradation. Only a handful of mutations have been observed in patients, including three missense mutations, two nonsense mutations, two splice donor mutations, one duplication, and one deletion and insertion. Two missense mutations are the most common cause of the deficiency. The clinical presentation of this disease in inconsistent.
Mutations in this gene could also cause neurological abnormalities discount Puma shoes outlet 2016. Indeed The Kooples Clothing, one form of Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease has been associated with DHTKD1, although the disease encompasses a wide spectrum of clinical neuropathies. Specifically jerseys 2016, a hyterozygous nonsense mutation within the gene leads to decreased levels of DHTKD1 mRNA and proteins, and impaired ATP generation. This implicates this mutation as a causative agent for CMT-2 Disease.
This article incorporates text from the United States National Library of Medicine, which is in the public domain.

Rospigliosi Cup

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The Rospigliosi Cup

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Maje Jam Puffball Skirt In Technical Knit Black S/S15



, (so called from the noble Rospigliosi family) sometimes referred to as the Cellini Cup, is a decorative ornament in gold and enamel, previously attributed to Benvenuto Cellini (1500–1571) giubbotti online, but now known to be an art forgery, of nineteenth-century manufacture.
The Cup is believed to have been created by Reinhold Vasters, a German goldsmith who worked in Aachen from 1853 to 1890. Vasters is now believed to be the sole author of many pieces that had previously been attributed as masterpieces of Renaissance jewellery.
So closely did Vasters’ Rospigliosi Cup resemble Cellini’s style, it is unlikely that the truth about the forgery would ever have been known dior tassen, if Vasters’ preliminary sketches had not been found. Vasters was a highly skilled artisan salvatore ferragamo sale, as well as a master of replicating another artist’s style precisely. It was not until the Rospigliosi Cup was taken apart that it became clear that the cup had been assembled in ways that were not available until Vasters’ own time.
The Cup is now housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York.

De modewereld lijkt een op hol geslagen systeem geworden

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Toen deze zomer bekend werd gemaakt dat de Amerikaanse ontwerper Alexander Wang na drie jaar weg zou gaan Balenciaga, werd daar in de modepers rustig op gereageerd: Wang was niet onsuccesvol, maar zijn collecties voor het Franse huis sprankelden niet.

Maar toen afgelopen week bekend werd dat de Belg Raf Simons weggaat bij Christian Dior en Alber Elbaz na veertien jaar ontslagen was bij Lanvin, veroorzaakte dat een schok. Elbaz heeft Lanvin gemaakt tot wat het nu is: een luxelabel dat bekend is om de liefdevol gemaakte, feestelijke mode. Ook Simons was bijzonder geliefd, en bovendien waren de inkomsten van de vrouwenmode van Dior gestegen sinds zijn komst.

Het feit dat juist deze ontwerpers hun huizen verlieten, zei niet zozeer iets over de combinatie van modehuis en ontwerper, als wel over de staat van de modewereld.

Mode – dat wil zeggen: designermode die wordt geshowd tijdens de modeweken in Parijs, Milaan en New York – lijkt een op hol geslagen systeem geworden, waarbij zichtbaarheid op internet en steeds hogere winsten hoofddoelen zijn geworden. En ontwerpers, zoals Elbaz een paar dagen voor zijn ontslag zei tijdens een bijeenkomst in New York, zijn niet zozeer meer bezig met het maken van mooie kleding, maar zijn „imagemakers geworden, die moeten zorgen voor een buzz.” Kleding moet er vooral goed uitzien op Instagram, het medium dat door de modewereld is omarmd als favoriet publiciteitsplatform. Elbaz: „Het scherm moet schreeuwen. Het is bijna belangrijker dat kleren er beter uitzien op foto’s dan op het lichaam.”

Zichtbaarheid op internet en steeds hogere winsten zijn hoofddoelen geworden

Die foto’s moeten bovendien elk seizoen harder schreeuwen, omdat er steeds meer shows zijn. Niet alleen tijdens de modeweken, ook daarbuiten. Bijna alle grote merken maken tegenwoordig niet twee, maar vier collecties per jaar. Tot voor kort zaten in die tussencollecties de draagbaardere kleren. Die werden niet getoond in een show, maar hoogstens in een kleine presentatie. Maar grote huizen als Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci en Christian Dior zijn ertoe overgegaan hun tussencollecties te showen op bijzondere, verre locaties, waar pers en belangrijke klanten op kosten van de modehuizen naartoe worden gevlogen. Er is dus steeds meer catwalkmode, die meestal hoogstens eenmalig wordt gedragen door modellen, bloggers en actrices – die daar vaak ook nog voor worden betaald. Zelfs de meeste modeprofessionals nemen niet eens meer de moeite en tijd om deze kleding echt goed te bestuderen. Modeshows worden bekeken via de camera van een telefoon: op zoek naar een goede foto, ter verhoging van de eigen populariteit.

Een ander probleem is dat veel modehuizen tegenwoordig onderdeel uitmaken van beursgenoteerde bedrijven, voor wie winstmaximalisatie het hoofddoel is. Dat is met mode per definitie lastig: mode gaat over steeds iets nieuws. En verandering van het merk van een tas – tassen zijn nog altijd grote geldmakers – is net zo belangrijk, zo niet belangrijker dan het model ervan. De vrouwen die tien jaar geleden een Prada-tas aan de arm hadden, schakelden een paar jaar geleden massaal over op Céline, en zouden nu zomaar een exemplaar van Gucci aan het overwegen kunnen zijn. Daar staat sinds begin van dit jaar namelijk een nieuwe ontwerper aan het roer, Alessandro Michele, wiens romantische, tikje nerdy en androgyne stijl een grote hit is. Na jaren van teruglopende winst en inkomsten gaat het nu weer goed met Gucci. Maar hoe lang gaat dat duren?

Lanvin zette vorig jaar 250 miljoen euro om. Maar de groei liep terug en de Chinese eigenaar, Shaw-Lan Wang, zou het daarom willen onderbrengen bij een conglomeraat als LVMH of Kering. Er wordt gezegd dat Elbaz (die minstens tien procent van de aandelen zou hebben) en zij onenigheid hadden over de prijs en hij daarom ontslagen werd. Maar misschien was ze wel van mening dat het tijd werd voor een nieuwe stem.

Raf Simons liet vorig week weten dat hij Dior verliet om meer tijd te hebben voor zijn eigen mannenlabel. Het gerucht gaat dat hij meer zeggenschap wilde in de inrichting van de boetieks en keuze van de sterren die de ambassadeurs zijn voor het merk. Dat de directie van Dior daar niet mee zou hebben ingestemd, kan een teken zijn dat die zich goed bewust is van de tijdelijkheid van de positie van een hoofdontwerper.

De twee grootste modevraagstukken zijn nu: hoe lang kan de mode nog zo doordenderen? En: gaat Alber Elbaz nu wel of niet naar Dior?

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