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Shoal Hill Common is a 180-acre (0 what is in meat tenderizer.73 km2) site of woodland and lowland heath located in Staffordshire, England best running water bottle belt, U.K 3 ways to tenderize meat. within the Cannock Chase area of outstanding natural beauty about 1-mile (1.6&nbsp wrist pouch for runners;km) from Cannock town centre and 4 miles (6.4 km) from Penkridge It is a local nature reserve.

Shoal Hill Common has been managed by the Shoal Hill Common Joint Committee since 1991, their aim is to replace the traditional practices as far as is possible with other practices such as a programme of bracken, tree and scrub control and heather rejuvenation via rotational cutting to reinstate the open heathland at Shoal Hill Common which was recorded by William Yates in 1775. By doing this they hope to ensure both the survival of a landscape and valuable wildlife habitat which is in major decline, and a diverse number of plants and animals survive both today and for future generations of local people. The Stewardship Agreement with DEFRA shall continue the restoration works at least until 2011.

A number of rare plant, animal, bird and insect species can be found on the heathland including: butterflies (e.g. small heath and green hairstreak), grasshoppers, common lizards, skylarks, and stonechats.

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