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Los grandes éxitos en español

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Albums&nbsp soccer t shirts for sale;de Cypress Hill

19 octobre 1999.

L’opus est une sélection de titres du groupe interprétés en espagnol football classic shirts.

Il s’est classé 3e au Latin Pop Albums et 6e au Billboard Top Latin Albums et a été certifié disque de platine par la RIAA le .

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma

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The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma (in case citations, E.D. Okla. or E how to tenderize tough meat.D. Ok.) is a federal court in the Tenth Circuit (except for patent claims and claims against the U.S. government under the Tucker Act remington sweater shaver, which are appealed to the Federal Circuit).

The District was established on June 16, 1906 and became operational on November 16, 1907 with Oklahoma achieving statehood.

The courts jurisdiction comprises the following counties: Adair, Atoka, Bryan, Carter, Cherokee, Choctaw, Coal, Haskell, Hughes, Johnston, Latimer, Le Flore, Love, Marshall, McCurtain, McIntosh, Murray, Muskogee, Okfuskee baby socks wholesale, Okmulgee, Pittsburg, Pontotoc, Pushmataha, Seminole, Sequoyah, and Wagoner.

The court is housed in the Ed Edmondson U.S. Courthouse in Muskogee.

The United States Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Oklahoma represents the United States in civil and criminal litigation in the court. The current United States Attorney for the district is Mark F. Green.

Judge Frank Howell Seay, appointed to the court by President Jimmy Carter in 1979, was the first Native American (Seminole) appointed to any U.S waist belt bag. district court.

Apple University

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Apple University is a training facility of Apple Inc., located in Cupertino, California. This corporate university was designed to instruct personnel employed by Apple in the various aspects of Apple’s technology and corporate culture.

Steve Jobs established Apple University in 2008 as a way to inculcate employees into Apple’s business culture and educate them about its history, particularly as the company grew. The program was devised by Joel Podolny, then the dean of Yale School of Management. Jobs selected him when the program was founded, and he remains head of the program and effectively serves as dean of the university. He is a vice president at Apple.

Courses are not required, only recommended. Employees sign up for courses tailored to their positions and backgrounds on an internal website available only to Apple staff members.

It is highly secretive and rarely written about. Employees are strongly discouraged from talking about the company in general, including Apple University. No pictures of the classrooms have surfaced publicly.

Apple has strenuously pursued the vision that function and beauty come from simplicity, and teachers in its internal training program sometimes point to a collection of Picasso lithographs that illustrate the drive to boil down ideas to their most essential components.

The full-time members of the faculty design and teach the courses. Faculty members include professors from universities like Yale; Harvard; the University of California-Berkeley; Stanford; and M.I.T. Some of the faculty continue to hold positions at their universities while also working for Apple.

The instructors include:

Some of the courses teach case studies about important business decisions that Apple made. These strategic decisions include the one to make the iPod and its iTunes software compatible with Microsoft’s Windows system. This was a topic of fierce debate internally at Apple with Steve Jobs strongly opposing the notion of sharing the iPod with Windows. Jobs eventually gave in to his lieutenants. It turned out that opening the iPod to Windows users led to explosive growth of the music player and the iTunes Store should i tenderize steak, and this in turn would later be critical to the success of the iPhone.

“Communicating at Apple.” This course focuses on clear communication for making products intuitive, sharing ideas within Apple, and marketing products.

“Project Management.” No information provided, Course is confidential

“Vendor Management.”

“What Makes Apple mens socks wholesale, Apple.” Focuses on one of Jobs’s goals: to make complex computer technologies feel understandable and natural. In the course an instructor showed a slide of the remote control for the Google TV. The remote had 78 buttons cool stainless steel water bottle. Then the instructor, Nelson, showed a photo of the Apple TV remote, a thin rod with three buttons.

The classes are taught on Apple’s corporate campus in Cupertino, California. Apple University is in a section of buildings called City Center best lint shaver. The rooms are built in a trapezoid shape. Occasionally, classes are offered in Apple’s offices overseas, and the professors travel there to teach.

In 2014, Apple planned an expansion of Apple University to China, to include a Dean to run Apple University China.

BSA experimental model 1949

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The BSA Experimental Model 1949 was a submachine gun of British origin intended to replace the Sten submachine gun. The weapon was fed from a 32-round box magazine inserted in the side and had an unusual twist-action bakelite-covered handguard.

Following the end of World War Two, the British Army sought a replacement for the Sten which was the submachine gun of the British military since 1940 best handheld running bottle. The Sten was simple, cheap and unrefined. While the Sten was the perfect wartime submachine gun, a more refined and durable variant was requested, The Sten Mark V was developed to fill this need during 1944, adding a wooden stock, forward pistol grip and better construction however, by the late 1940s the British Army was testing replacements. The Welgun developed by BSA during the war was briefly considered as was a design from Enfield. However, the Patchett M1944 made by the Sterling Armaments Company was chosen. The Patchett would later come to be known as the Sterling which entered service in 1953.

However, there was another contender which was also made by BSA. The “Experimental Machine Carbine, 1949” (EMC). Chambered in the same 9&nbsp

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;mm cartridge as the Sten with a side mounted 32-round box magazine, shared by the Sten and later the Sterling. The EMC used blowback action but cycled, faster than the Sterling and all of the earlier Sten variants, at 600 rounds per minute. It came with unusual features, notably a bakelite pump action foregrip running belt water bottle holder, a hinged magazine insert which could be pivoted backwards to allow jams to be cleared without having to remove the magazine and to facilitate cleaning, and a safety switch in the pistol grip, easily operated by the users thumb. Regardless of the EMC’s innovative features the design was not adopted.

The BSA Machine Carbine is a blowback operated, magazine fed weapon chambered in the 9×19mm round. Unusually the weapon lacks a bolt handle, instead it came with an unusual pump action foregrip operated by pushing it forward and then pulling it back, this pushed a bar which pushed the bolt back and cocked the weapon. The grip was then rotated slightly to disengage the bar and allow the bolt to cycle once fired. In response to the Welgun’s open receiver, the EMC was enclosed with only the magazine insert and ejection port open when firing, when the bolt was closed these openings were covered minimising the chances of dirt entering the action.

Холли, Лорен

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Лорен Мишель Холли

28 октября 1963(1963-10-28) (52 года)

Бристоль (Пенсильвания)



1986&nbsp safe reusable plastic water bottles;— наст. время

ID 0000452

Лорен Мишель Холли (англ. Lauren Holly; род. 28 октября 1963, Бристоль, Пенсильвания, США) — американская актриса. Наиболее известна по телевизионному сериалу «Застава фехтовальщиков», где она сыграла помощницу шерифа Максин Стюарт, а также по участию в фильме «Тупой и ещё тупее», где исполнила роль Мэри Свэнсон.

Лорен Холли родилась в городе Бристоль[en] (штат Пенсильвания). Её отец преподавал литературу в колледжах Хобарта и Уильяма Смитов, мать была историком, преподавала в университете Рочестера. Детство Лорен прошло в городе Женева (штат Нью-Йорк), там она окончила высшую школу, в которой некоторое время была чирлидером. Поступила в колледж имени Сары Лоуренс, а в 1985 году получила учёную степень бакалавра искусств по специальности «английская литература».

В возрасте 23 лет Холли приняла участие в телевизионной мыльной опере «Все мои дети», где в течение трёх лет исполняла роль Джулии Чендлер (1986—1989). В 1990 году сыграла персонаж из комиксов Бэтти в телевизионном шоу «Возвращение в Ривердэйл» (статья в Английской Википедии).

Мир большого кино открылся для неё в 1993 году, когда ей досталась роль Линды Ли Кэдвелл, жены легендарного Брюса Ли в автобиографичном фильме «Дракон: История жизни Брюса Ли». В следующем году к ней пришла самая известная роль — Мэри Свэнсон в фильме «Тупой и ещё тупее». В 1995 году Холли примерила на себя роль доктора Элизабет Тайсон в ремейке Сидни Поллака «Сабрина». Возможность подтвердить своё комедийное амплуа выпала актрисе в 1996, она сыграла лейтенанта Эмили Лэйк, единственную женщину на борту подводной лодки в фильме «Убрать перископ». Позднее снялась в сериале NCIS. В 2013 году снялась в сериале «Мотив».

Во время съёмок фильма «Тупой и ещё тупее» между ней и Джимом Керри завязался довольно продолжительный роман, который вылился в скоротечный брак, детей в этом браке не было. В 2001 году Лорен Холли вышла замуж за банкира-инвестора Франциса Греко и воспитывает троих приемных сыновей — Александра, Уильяма и Генри. Первого она назвала в честь своего брата, убитого в уличной перестрелке в возрасте четырнадцати лет. Второй брат актрисы — Ник Холли — литературный агент в голливудском издательстве Дона Бушвальда.

Resolution 1754 des UN-Sicherheitsrates

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Die Resolution 1754 des UN-Sicherheitsrates ist eine Resolution zur Lage in der Westsahara, die der Sicherheitsrat der Vereinten Nationen am 30. April 2007 auf seiner 5669. Sitzung einstimmig angenommen hat. Mit der Resolution wurden Marokko und die Frente Polisario aufgefordert, gegenseitige Verhandlungen ohne Vorbedingungen aufzunehmen. Außerdem wurde das Mandat der Mission der Vereinten Nationen für das Referendum in Westsahara (MINURSO) bis zum 31. Oktober 2007 verlängert.

Der Sicherheitsrat ruft mit der Resolution alle vorangegangenen Resolutionen zur Problematik in Erinnerung und drückte seine Unterstützung des UN-Generalsekretärs Ban Ki-moon und dessen persönlichen Abgesandten aus. Er betonte seine Entschlossenheit, beiden Seiten bei der Lösung des Problems zu helfen und forderte dazu auf, vollständig mit den Vereinten Nationen zusammenzuarbeiten.

Unter Berücksichtigung des Berichtes des UN-Generalsekretärs vom 13. April 2007 entschied der Sicherheitsrat,

Nach dem Bericht des UN-Generalsekretärs hatte Muhammad Abdelaziz, der Generalsekretär der Polisario, am 8. März 2007 an Ban Ki-moon ein Dokument übermittelt, in welchem das Problem der Westsahara als eines der Dekolonialisierung bezeichnet wurde und dass deswegen ein Referendum abgehalten werden müsse. In einer Note vom 19. März 2007 hatte auch der Präsident Algeriens dem UN-Generalsekretär mitgeteilt, dass die Vereinten Nationen die Verpflichtung gegenüber der Bevölkerung in der Westsahara zu erfüllen hätte, den Dekolonialisierungsprozess mit einem Referendum abzuschließen. Der persönliche Abgesandte des Generalsekretärs, Peter van Walsum, hatte Ban Ki-moon darauf hingewiesen, dass der Sicherheitsrat bei seiner letzten Entscheidung zur Westsahara am 31. Oktober 2006 die Empfehlungen des früheren UN-Generalsekretärs Kofi Annan weder abgelehnt noch angenommen hat, sondern es schlichtweg versäumte, diesbezüglich zu handeln. Nach Ansicht van Walsums gibt es hinsichtlich der Westsahara nur zwei Optionen, nämlich eine unbefristete Fortsetzung des Stillstandes oder Verhandlungen ohne Vorbedingungen zwischen beiden Seiten u of a football uniforms. Die Nachbarstaaten Mauretanien und Algerien sollten eingeladen werden, an diesen Verhandlungen teilzunehmen, und bezüglich der sie betroffenen Einzelfragen angehört werden.

Trotz der einstimmigen Verabschiedung hat vor der Abstimmung der Vertreter Südafrikas den Resolutionstext kritisiert; dieser sei den Ratsmitgliedern weniger als 24 Stunden vor der Abstimmung übermittelt worden, sodass kaum Zeit zu einer Verbesserung des Textes möglich war, dessen Formulierung von seinem Land in zwei Punkten als nicht ausgewogen angesehen wird.

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Vic Lambden

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* Senior club appearances and goals counted for the domestic league only.

Victor David Lambden (25 October 1925 – 4 July 1996) was an English professional footballer who played for Bristol Rovers in the English Football League.

He played for a local amateur side before joining Bristol Rovers in 1945. He was prolific goalscorer during his ten years with the club. After his professional career he returned to amateur football.

Lambden was born in Keynsham in 1925 to parents Arthur Lambden and Ethel Chinn, and was the youngest of four children. He had two older sisters (Joan and Frances) and one brother (Graham).

Lambden married Bristol Rovers fan Grace Ford at St Anne’s Church in Oldland on 28 February 1949. His brother Graham served as best man for the ceremony.

Lambden began his footballing career playing for his local team, Oldland Abbotonians, before joining Bristol Rovers in 1945. He went on to make 269 appearances in the Football League over the next ten years, scoring 117 goals.

He made the best of starts to his Football League career women business casual dresses, scoring on his debut for Rovers in the opening game of the 1946–47 season. This game, a 2–2 draw against Reading, also marked the return of League football after it was suspended during World War II

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On 19 March 1948, Lambden broke the Bristol Rovers club record for the fastest hat-trick in a match. His nine-minute treble (the goals coming in the 18th, 25th and 27th minutes) in a game against Aldershot remained the club’s fastest until Dai Ward scored a four-minute hat-track in 1956. As of 2016, Lambden’s remains the joint second-fastest in the club’s history.

By the end of his time with Rovers he was the club’s all-time second-highest goalscorer, behind his teammate Geoff Bradford. His 117-goal tally would later be surpassed by Alfie Biggs and Harold Jarman, but he remains the fourth on the club’s top goalscorers list into the 21st century. Over the period of his time playing at Eastville he had become widely known for his successful partnership with fellow forward Bradford, and the pair would later die just eighteen months apart from each other.

After retiring from professional football, he dropped out of the league to play for Trowbridge Town.

Parallel algorithm

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In computer science, a parallel algorithm, as opposed to a traditional serial algorithm, is an algorithm which can be executed a piece at a time on many different processing devices, and then combined together again at the end to get the correct result.

Many parallel algorithms are executed concurrently – though in general concurrent algorithms are a distinct concept – and thus these concepts are often conflated, with which aspect of an algorithm is parallel and which is concurrent not being clearly distinguished. Further, non-parallel, non-concurrent algorithms are often referred to as “sequential algorithms”, by contrast with concurrent algorithms.

Algorithms vary significantly in how parallelizable they are, ranging from easily parallelizable to completely unparallelizable. Further, a given problem may accommodate different algorithms, which may be more or less parallelizable.

Some problems are easy to divide up into pieces in this way – these are called embarrassingly parallel problems. For example, splitting up the job of checking all of the numbers from one to a hundred thousand to see which are primes could be done by assigning a subset of the numbers to each available processor, and then putting the list of positive results back together. Algorithms are also used for things such as solving Rubik’s Cubes and for hash decryption.

Some problems cannot be split up into parallel portions, as they require the results from a preceding step to effectively carry on with the next step – these are called inherently serial problems. Examples include iterative numerical methods, such as Newton’s method, iterative solutions to the three-body problem, and most of the available algorithms to compute pi (π).

Parallel algorithms on individual devices have become more common since the early 2000s because of substantial improvements in multiprocessing systems and the rise of multi-core processors. Up until the end of 2004, single-core processor performance rapidly increased via frequency scaling, and thus it was easier to construct a computer with a single fast core than one with many slower cores with the same throughput, so multicore systems were of more limited use. Since 2004 however, frequency scaling hit a wall, and thus multicore systems have become more widespread, making parallel algorithms of more general use.

The cost or complexity of serial algorithms is estimated in terms of the space (memory) and time (processor cycles) that they take. Parallel algorithms need to optimize one more resource, the communication between different processors. There are two ways parallel processors communicate, shared memory or message passing.

Shared memory processing needs additional locking for the data, imposes the overhead of additional processor and bus cycles, and also serializes some portion of the algorithm.

Message passing processing uses channels and message boxes but this communication adds transfer overhead on the bus, additional memory need for queues and message boxes and latency in the messages. Designs of parallel processors use special buses like crossbar so that the communication overhead will be small but it is the parallel algorithm that decides the volume of the traffic.

If the communication overhead of additional processors outweighs the benefit of adding another processor, one encounters parallel slowdown.

Another problem with parallel algorithms is ensuring that they are suitably load balanced, by ensuring that load (overall work) is balanced, rather than input size being balanced

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. For example, checking all numbers from one to a hundred thousand for primality is easy to split amongst processors; however

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, if the numbers are simply divided out evenly (1–1,000, 1,001–2,000, etc.), the amount of work will be unbalanced, as smaller numbers are easier to process by this algorithm (easier to test for primality), and thus some processors will get more work to do than the others, which will sit idle until the loaded processors complete.

A subtype of parallel algorithms, distributed algorithms are algorithms designed to work in cluster computing and distributed computing environments, where additional concerns beyond the scope of “classical” parallel algorithms need to be addressed.

Lineinoje (Kaliningrad)

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;font-weight:normal”>russisch Линейное, deutsch Arweiden und Bögen, Kreis Preußisch Eylau) ist der gemeinsame Name zweier früher eigenständiger Orte in der russischen Oblast Kaliningrad (Gebiet Königsberg (Preußen)). Sie liegen in der Niwenskoje selskoje posselenije (Landgemeinde Niwenskoje (Wittenberg)) im Rajon Bagrationowsk (Kreis Preußisch Eylau).

Lineinoje (hier: Arweiden) liegt 18 Kilometer südöstlich der Stadt Kaliningrad (Königsberg) an der russischen Fernstraße A 195 (ehemalige deutsche Reichsstraße 128). Bis zur Rajonshauptstadt Bagrationowsk (Preußisch Eylau) sind es 21 Kilometer. Es besteht über die Bahnstation Tharau (heute russisch: Wladimirowo) Anbindung an die Bahnstrecke der ehemaligen Ostpreußischen Südbahn von Königsberg (heute russisch: Kaliningrad) über Lötzen (heute polnisch: Giżycko) nach Prostken (polnisch: Prostki), die bis Bagrationowsk wieder in Betrieb genommen worden ist.

Das frühere Arweiden war ein Gutsdorf, das ab 1874 in den Amtsbezirk Schrombehnen (russisch: Moskowskoje) eingegliedert war. Dieser gehörte zum Landkreis Preußisch Eylau im Regierungsbezirk Königsberg der preußischen Provinz Ostpreußen. Im Jahre 1910 zählte der Gutsbezirk Arweiden 66 Einwohner.

Am 30. September 1928 endete die Selbständigkeit von Arweiden und dem Ortsteil Dorotheenhof, als es nämlich mit den Gutsbezirken Schrombehnen (Moskowskoje), Jesau (Juschny) und Marienhöh zur neuen Landgemeinde Jesau und nun auch in dem Amtsbezirk Jesau (1930 in „Amtsbezirk Wittenberg“ (Niwenskoje) umbenannt) zusammengeschlossen wurde.

Der einst Bögen genannte kleine Ort war als ein Vorwerk angelegt und war Teil des Gutsbezirks Schrombehnen (heute russisch: Moskowskoje) und gehörte zum Amtsbezirk Schrombehnen im Landkreis Preußisch Eylau im Regierungsbezirk Königsberg der preußischen Provinz Ostpreußen. Mit der Eingliederung Schrombehnens in die neue Landgemeinde Jesau (Juschny) kam Bögen wie Arweiden in den Amtsbezirk Jesau, der 1930 in „Amtsbezirk Wittenberg“ (Niwenskoje) umbenannt wurde.

Im Jahr 1945 kamen Arweiden und Bögen mit dem nördlichen Ostpreußen zur Sowjetunion. 1950 wurde Bögen in „Lineinoje“ umbenannt. Bis 2009 war Lineinoje in den Wladimirowski sowjet (Dorfsowjet Wladimirowo (Tharau)) eingegliedert und ist seither – aufgrund einer Struktur- und Verwaltungsreform eine als „Siedlung“ (russisch: possjolok) eingestufte Ortschaft innerhalb der Niwenskoje selskoje posselenije (Landgemeinde Niwenskoje (Wittenberg)) im Rajon Bagrationowsk.

Bis 1945 waren sowohl Arweiden als auch Bögen mit ihrer mehrheitlich evangelischen Bevölkerung in das Kirchspiel Jesau (heute russisch: Juschny) eingepfarrt. Es gehörte zum Kirchenkreis Preußisch Eylau (Bagrationowsk) innerhalb der Kirchenprovinz Ostpreußen der Kirche der Altpreußischen Union.

Heute liegt Lineinoje im Einzugsbereich der Dorfkirchengemeinde in Gwardeiskoje (Mühlhausen), die eine Filialgemeinde der Auferstehungskirche in Kaliningrad (Königsberg) ist. Sie ist Teil der Propstei Kaliningrad in der Evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche Europäisches Russland (ELKER).

Siedlungen: Juschny (Jesau und Katharinenhof) | Kalmykowo (Heyde) | Lineinoje (Arweiden und Bögen) | Maiskoje (Groß Bajohren (1938–1946 Baiersfelde) und Packerau) | Maloje Otwaschnoje (Klein Wickbold) | Niwenskoje (Wittenberg und Friederikenthal) | Otwaschnoje (Wickbold und Braxeinswalde) | Partisanskoje (Schönmohr) | Pobeda (Arnsberg und Struwe) | Sadowoje | Saretschnoje (Ramsen

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, Dopsattel und Liepnicken) | Sewerny (Marienhöh) | Wladimirowo (Tharau und Ernsthof)

Antonio Maspes

Home | Antonio Maspes

Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?). Pour plus d’informations, voyez le projet cyclisme.

Antonio Maspes en 1963

Champion du monde de vitesse (1955, 1956, 1959 Lint Remover, 1960, 1961, 1962 et 1964)

Antonio Maspes (né le à Milan et mort le dans sa ville natale) est un coureur cycliste sur piste italien

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, professionnel de 1952 à 1968 spécialiste de la vitesse individuelle.

Antonio Maspes s’est passionné pour la piste dès l’âge de quatorze ans attiré par le grondement des motos dans les compétitions des stayers au vélodrome Vigorelli de Milan. Il commence bientôt à courir et pour participer à un championnat en 1947 il maquille sa date de naissance.

Il gagne le titre italien de vitesse et de tandem chez les amateurs, puis il participe en 1952 aux Jeux olympiques d’Helsinki, où, en couple avec Cesare Pinarello, il gagne la médaille de bronze dans le tandem.

Passé professionnel à la fin de la saison, il gagne à Florence son premier titre national de vitesse professionnel

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, titre qu’il gagnera dix fois entre 1953 et 1965, seulement battu trois fois dans cette période.

En 1955, sur la piste du Vigorelli de Milan

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, il gagne son premier maillot arc-en-ciel, ce qu’il renouvelle l’année suivante à Copenhague. Il aura gagné en tout sept titres mondiaux de vitesse professionnels à la fin de sa carrière avec quatre succès consécutifs de entre 1959 et 1962 et pour finir en 1964. En 1963, il est battu par son éternel rival Sante Gaiardoni sur la piste de Rocourt.

Avec sept titres il égalait les sept titres du Belge Jef Scherens et ils ne furent dépassés tous les deux que dans les années 1980 par les 10 victoires du Japonais Kōichi Nakano.

Il a gagné aussi 5 Grands Prix de Paris consécutifs, les Grands Prix de Copenhague, de Milan, de Zurich et de toutes les principales pistes européennes. Le , il a établi le record mondial des 200 mètres avec 10 s 8 contre le Français Michel Rousseau après un surplace qui aura duré 25 minutes. Il s’était déjà distingué par un long surplace en 1955, en restant plus de 32 minutes sur la piste face à Jan Derksen.

Sur les autres projets Wikimedia :

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