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Mieszanina piorunująca

Mieszanina piorunująca, mieszanina tlenowodorowa, dawniej powietrze grzmiące (nazwa osiemnastowieczna best reusable water bottle with filter, obecnie nieużywana) – wybuchowa mieszanina gazowa wodoru z tlenem (2:1 objętościowo, 1:8 wagowo) lub powietrzem (2:5 objętościowo) beaker water bottle. Nazwa mieszanina piorunująca nawiązuje do jej właściwości wybuchowych

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. Po jej zapaleniu następuje gwałtowne spalanie wodoru (wybuch), produktem tej reakcji jest para wodna:

Reakcji tej przeprowadzonej w probówce towarzyszy wybuch, który wywołuje charakterystyczny dźwięk przypominający szczeknięcie.

Sumaryczne równania reakcji spalania wodoru nie wyjaśniają jej przebiegu od strony mikroskopowej; nie nadają się również do badania tej reakcji od strony kinetycznej. W rzeczywistości, spalanie wodoru ma charakter reakcji łańcuchowej, złożonej z wielu reakcji elementarnych, zachodzących współbieżnie[potrzebny przypis]:

Mieszaninę piorunującą o składzie stechiometrycznym (tlen/wodór = 1:2 v/v) można otrzymać przez połączenie gazów uzyskanych w wyniku elektrolizy wody.

Mieszanina piorunująca powstaje także podczas rozkładu wody w wysokiej temperaturze. Eksplozje tak powstałej mieszaniny miały miejsce podczas katastrofy elektrowni jądrowej w Czarnobylu w roku 1986.


De Dryomorpha zijn een groep ornithischische dinosauriërs die behoren tot de Euornithopoda.

In 1986 benoemde de Amerikaanse paleontoloog Paul Sereno een klade, monofyletische afstammingsgroep how to tenderize meat without tenderizer, Dryomorpha, voor de Dryosauridae en nog verder afgeleide vormen binnen de Iguanodontia. In 1998 meende Sereno zelf dat de term wat overbodig was omdat er al zoveel kladen binnen de Iguanodontia benoemd waren en zag, hoewel hij dat jaar in een studie systematisch vele dinosauriërkladen definieerde, voor deze aftakking af van een kladedefinitie maar in het begin van de 21e eeuw begon het concept veelvuldiger gebruikt te worden running hip belt. In 2005 gaf Sereno daarom alsnog een definitie: de groep bestaande uit de laatste gemeenschappelijke voorouder van Dryosaurus altus (Marsh 1878) en Parasaurolophus walkeri Parks 1922, en al zijn afstammelingen.

De Dryomorpha bestaan uit de Dryosauridae en de Ankylopollexia hydration belts for runners. Ze zijn de zustergroep van de Elasmaria.

De Dryomorpha zijn middelgrote tot reusachtige tweevoetige planteneters uit het late Jura (Dryosaurus lettowvorbecki uit de Tendaguruformatie van Tanzania, Kimmeridgien) tot het late Krijt running handheld water bottle, (Hadrosauridae uit het Maastrichtien van Noord-Amerika, 65 miljoen jaar geleden).

Jean Kambanda

Jean Kambanda (born October 19, 1955) was the Prime Minister in the caretaker government of Rwanda from the start of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. He is the only head of government to plead guilty to genocide, in the first group of such convictions since the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide came into effect in 1951.

Kambanda holds a degree in commercial engineering and began his career as a low-level United Popular BPR banker, rising as a technocrat to become the chair of the bank. At the time of the April 1994 crisis he was vice president of the Butare section of the opposition Republican Democratic Movement (MDR).

He was sworn in as prime minister on April 9, 1994 after the President, Juvénal Habyarimana tenderizer for steak, and former Prime Minister, Agathe Uwilingiyimana, were assassinated waterproof case for 5s. The opposition MDR had been promised the prime ministerial post in the transitional government established by the Arusha accords, but Kambanda leapfrogged several levels in the party’s hierarchy to take the job from the initial choice, Faustin Twagiramungu. He remained in the post for the hundred days of the genocide until July 19, 1994

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. After leaving office he fled the country.

Kambanda was arrested in Nairobi on July 18, 1997, after a seven-week multinational stakeout and transferred to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. The court accused him of distributing small arms and ammunition in Butare and Gitarama with the knowledge that they would be used to massacre civilians. He was found guilty after pleading guilty, a plea he later rescinded, but which rescission the Court did not accept.

On September 4, 1998, the ICTR condemned Jean Kambanda to life imprisonment for:

Joy Mukanyange, the Rwandan Ambassador to Tanzania was the only Rwandan official who attended the sentencing of her former prime minister. She thought it fair that Kambanda received a life sentence and his crimes had been recognized by the international community. She noted that Rwanda was “not looking for revenge”.

This verdict was upheld by the ICTR Appeal Chamber on October 19, 2000 tenderize meat without mallet, and Kambanda is currently jailed in Koulikoro Prison in Mali.

Although Kambanda pleaded guilty after receiving legal counsel, his lawyer argued that the prime minister was a “puppet” of the military, who had dragged him from his bank, after killing the previous prime minister, to legitimize their control of their country. He asked the ICTR for a sentence of two years because he acted “under duress with limited responsibility”.

The court concluded that this defense against a charge of genocide was irrelevant.

In 2006 he testified for the defence of Colonel Theoneste Bagosora in the ‘Military 1’ trial of senior military leaders. That testimony was the former Prime Minister’s first and only public testimony on the 1994 events in Rwanda and in which he said that he had never found a plan to commit genocide. The decisions of the ICTR regarding Kambanda have been subject to criticism.

In his appeal, Kambanda said that his confession had been in error, due to poor or misunderstood counsel. He said that his objective was not to plead guilty but to tell the truth. According to the ICTR appeal:

As a head of government convicted by an international court, Kambanda is an important figure, with the verdict against him forming a precedent against the legal principle of State Immunity (which was used to reject an extradition order for Augusto Pinochet, for example).



Venneshamn er en grend beliggende i Inderøy kommune, nord i Skarnsundet i Framverrandelen av kommunen. Venneshamn er et lite tettsted og tidligere handelssted. Tettstedet hadde handelvirksomhet fra 1888 til 2008

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, og Verran Sparebank hadde lokaler her fra 1997 og frem til 2009 ice shaver. Fra 1958 og fram til veien langs Skarnsundet ble åpnet i 1968 hadde ferja Vangshylla-Kjerringvik også anløp i Venneshamn.

Den tiden Framverran tilhørte Verran kommune var Venneshamn et sentrum i Framverran.

Venneshamn er et godt bevart handelssted med tre gjenstående bygninger fra virksomhetens oppstart waterproof cycling pouch. Stedet har hatt handelsvirksomhet fra 1888 og frem til 2008. I mange år var også Venneshamn anløpsted for båter som gikk på Trondheimsfjorden frem til den gang at bygda fikk veiforbindelse.

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Incompetence (novel)

Incompetence is a dystopian comedy novel by Red Dwarf co-creator Rob Grant, first published in 2003 with the tag line “Bad is the new Good”. It is a murder mystery and political thriller set in a near-future federal Europe where no-one can be “prejudiced from employment for reason of age, race, creed or incompitence [sic]”. Consequently, much of the population demonstrates an extreme lack of competence in their occupations.

The novel tells the story of a detective working for an unnamed secret agency, with a variety of identities within various law enforcement agencies (two examples being Europol and the Police Corruption Investigation Department). His real name remains a mystery but he commonly uses the pseudonym Harry Salt. The story starts with the apparent death of his former mentor (Klingferm) in an apparent elevator accident best spill proof water bottle. He suspects foul play, and his investigations lead him around various states of Europe all glass water bottle. In the course of these investigations, he seems to be tracked by an unknown stalker. On the way, he is hindered by the fact that practically everyone he meets has a serious character flaw and/or mental deficiency. Another ongoing problem is his inability to acquire or hang onto a decent pair of shoes, primarily as all shoes in the “United States of Europe” are made of vegetable matter thermos insulated hydration bottle. A number of new mental disorders have apparently been classified in the book’s universe, such as Sexually Inappropriate Response and Non-Specific Stupidity.

Examples of incompetence in the world around the agent are:

The plot appears to be based on the film The Third Man. The film is mentioned in the drunken conversation between Salt and Klingferm near the start of the book how to tenderize steak without a mallet.

Mouvement des travailleurs et des paysans

Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) selon les recommandations des projets correspondants.

Le Mouvement des travailleurs et des paysans (en serbe cyrillique : Покрет радника и сељака ; en serbe latin : Pokret radnika i seljaka ; en abrégé : PRS) est un parti politique serbe fondé en 2011. Il a son siège à Belgrade et est présidé par Zoran Dragišić.

Le mouvement, qui affirme représenter les « nouveaux socialistes », veut rassembler les paysans, les travailleurs, les retraités, les handicapés, les anciens combattants, les jeunes et tous ceux qui small stainless steel water bottle, selon lui, sont laissés au bord du chemin par le système capitaliste.

Zoran Dragišić se présente au premier tour de l’élection présidentielle du  ; il obtient 60 116 voix soit 1,54 % des suffrages best water bottles.

Aux élections législatives du , le Mouvement des travailleurs et des paysans se présente seul devant les électeurs avec une liste de 190 candidats ; elle obtient 57 199 voix, soit 1,46&nbsp water bottle holder belt;% des suffrages, ce qui ne lui permet pas d’envoyer de représentant à l’Assemblée nationale de la République de Serbie.


Fuertescusa – gmina w Hiszpanii best toothpaste dispenser, w prowincji Cuenca, w Kastylii-La Mancha how to tenderize meat naturally, o powierzchni 64

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,72 km². W 2011 roku gmina liczyła 82 mieszkańców.

Abia de la Obispalía • El Acebrón • Alarcón • Albaladejo del Cuende • Albalate de las Nogueras • Albendea • La Alberca de Záncara • Alcalá de la Vega • Alcantud • Alcázar del Rey • Alcohujate • Alconchel de la Estrella • Algarra • Aliaguilla • La Almarcha • Almendros • Almodóvar del Pinar • Almonacid del Marquesado • Altarejos • Arandilla del Arroyo • Arcas del Villar • Arcos de la Sierra • Arguisuelas • Arrancacepas • Atalaya del Cañavate • Barajas de Melo • Barchín del Hoyo • Bascuñana de San Pedro • Beamud • Belinchón • Belmonte • Belmontejo • Beteta • Boniches • Buciegas • Buenache de Alarcón • Buenache de la Sierra • Buendía • Campillo de Altobuey • Campillos-Paravientos • Campillos-Sierra • Campos del Paraíso • Canalejas del Arroyo • Cañada del Hoyo • Cañada Juncosa • Cañamares • El Cañavate • Cañaveras • Cañaveruelas • Cañete • Cañizares • Carboneras de Guadazaón • Cardenete • Carrascosa • Carrascosa de Haro • Casas de Benítez • Casas de Fernando Alonso • Casas de Garcimolina • Casas de Guijarro • Casas de Haro • Casas de los Pinos • Casasimarro • Castejón • Castillejo de Iniesta • Castillejo-Sierra • Castillo de Garcimuñoz • Castillo-Albaráñez • Cervera del Llano • Chillarón de Cuenca • Chumillas • La Cierva • Cuenca • Cueva del Hierro • Enguídanos • Fresneda de Altarejos • Fresneda de la Sierra • La Frontera • Fuente de Pedro Naharro • Fuentelespino de Haro • Fuentelespino de Moya • Fuentenava de Jábaga • Fuentes • Fuertescusa • Gabaldón • Garaballa • Gascueña • Graja de Campalbo • Graja de Iniesta • Henarejos • El Herrumblar • La Hinojosa • Los Hinojosos • El Hito • Honrubia • Hontanaya • Hontecillas • Horcajo de Santiago • Huélamo • Huelves • Huérguina • Huerta de la Obispalía • Huerta del Marquesado • Huete • Iniesta • Laguna del Marquesado • Lagunaseca • Landete • Ledaña • Leganiel • Las Majadas • Mariana • Masegosa • Las Mesas • Minglanilla • Mira • Monreal del Llano • Montalbanejo • Montalbo • Monteagudo de las Salinas • Mota de Altarejos • Mota del Cuervo • Motilla del Palancar • Moya • Narboneta • Olivares de Júcar • Olmeda de la Cuesta • Olmeda del Rey • Olmedilla de Alarcón • Olmedilla de Eliz • Osa de la Vega • Pajarón • Pajaroncillo • Palomares del Campo • Palomera • Paracuellos • Paredes • La Parra de las Vegas • El Pedernoso • Las Pedroñeras • El Peral • La Peraleja • La Pesquera • El Picazo • Pinarejo • Pineda de Gigüela • Piqueras del Castillo • Portalrubio de Guadamejud • Portilla • Poyatos • Pozoamargo • Pozorrubielos de la Mancha • Pozorrubio • El Pozuelo • Priego • El Provencio • Puebla de Almenara • Puebla de Don Francisco • Puebla del Salvador • Quintanar del Rey • Rada de Haro • Reíllo • Rozalén del Monte • Saceda-Trasierra • Saelices • Salinas del Manzano • Salmeroncillos • Salvacañete • San Clemente • San Lorenzo de la Parrilla • San Martín de Boniches • San Pedro Palmiches • Santa Cruz de Moya • Santa María de los Llanos • Santa María del Campo Rus • Santa María del Val • Sisante • Solera de Gabaldón • Sotorribas • Talayuelas • Tarancón • Tébar • Tejadillos • Tinajas • Torralba • Torrejoncillo del Rey • Torrubia del Campo • Torrubia del Castillo • Tragacete • Tresjuncos • Tribaldos • Uclés • Uña • Los Valdecolmenas • Valdemeca • Valdemorillo de la Sierra • Valdemoro-Sierra • Valdeolivas • Valdetórtola • Las Valeras • Valhermoso de la Fuente • Valsalobre • Valverde de Júcar • Valverdejo • Vara de Rey • Vega del Codorno • Vellisca • Villaconejos de Trabaque • Villaescusa de Haro • Villagarcía del Llano • Villalba de la Sierra • Villalba del Rey • Villalgordo del Marquesado • Villalpardo • Villamayor de Santiago • Villanueva de Guadamejud • Villanueva de la Jara • Villar de Cañas • Villar de Domingo García • Villar de la Encina • Villar de Olalla • Villar del Humo • Villar del Infantado • Villar y Velasco • Villarejo de Fuentes • Villarejo de la Peñuela • Villarejo-Periesteban • Villares del Saz • Villarrubio • Villarta • Villas de la Ventosa • Villaverde y Pasaconsol • Víllora • Vindel • Yémeda • Zafra de Záncara • Zafrilla • Zarza de Tajo • Zarzuela

Elevador da Bica

Elevador da Bica eller Ascensor da Bica (Bica Kabelbane) er en kabelbane i Lissabon, Portugal. Kabelbanen skaber forbindelse mellem Calçada do Combro/Rua do Loreto (øverste station) og Rua de S. Paulo (nederste station). Kabelbanen drives af ‘Carris’, der er Lissabons buskompagni.

Bica Kabelbanen blev taget i brug den 28. juni 1892. Linjen går stejlt opad de 245 meter ad Rua da Bica med start fra stationen ved Rua S. Paulo sports waistband. Denne station er nærmest skjult bag en ‘almindelig’ husfacade med inskriptionen Ascensor da Bica best vacuum bottle.

Banen blev konstrueret af Raoul Mesnier de Ponsard og blev i 2002 føjet til listen af Nationale Mindesmærker bottled water for toddlers.

Trækkablet er skjult i en kanal i jorden i midten af skinnelegemet i modsætning til det mest almindelige ved kabelbaner, nemlig at kablet ligger synligt over jorden. Kabelbanen drives af elektricitet custom soccer t shirts.


Charles Coborn

Colin Whitton McCallum (4 August 1852 – 23 November 1945), known by his stage name Charles Coborn, was a British music hall singer and comedian. In a long career, Coborn was known largely for two comic songs: “Two Lovely Black Eyes”, and “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo.”

He was born in Stepney, east London, and adopted his stage name from Coborn Road, near Mile End. He made his music hall debut on the Isle of Dogs in 1872, and by 1879 was being billed at the Oxford Music Hall in London as “The Comic of the Day”. In 1886, he heard American William J. Scanlan’s song “My Nellie’s Blue Eyes”. Liking the melody but not the words, Coborn rewrote it as “Two Lovely Black Eyes”, and began performing it regularly wearing a faded frock coat, carrying a battered umbrella and with two blackened eyes. He premièred it at the Paragon Theatre, in the Mile End Road, and the song was instantly successful.

In 1891, he bought the rights to Fred Gilbert’s song, “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo”. When Gilbert first offered the song, Coborn was reluctant to adopt it. In his autobiography he stated: “[I] liked the tune very much, especially the chorus, but I was rather afraid that some of the phrasing was rather too highbrow for an average music hall audience.” But when he found that he could not get the chorus out of his head, he changed his mind. The song became a staple of his act, and he performed it on tour in different languages throughout the world. Coborn later estimated that he had performed the song 250,000 times in the course of his career, and could sing it in 14 languages. Coborn confirmed that Gilbert’s inspiration was the gambler and confidence trickster Charles Wells, who was reported to have won one-and-a-half million francs at the Monte Carlo casino, using the profits from previous fraud.

Coborn’s other, less successful, songs included “Should Husbands Work?”, in which he took up the music hall tradition of (normally conservative) social comment; “I’ve Loved Another Girl Since Then” how to soften meat; “He’s All Right When You Know Him”; and “I’ve Never Turned Money Away”, which created controversy when Coborn performed it in the stereotyped manner of a Jew in a Jewish-owned theatre. He apologised afterwards how to tenderize roast, but was banned from appearing at the venue again.

He toured extensively, and performed in New York City and Toronto in 1900. Described as a ‘literate man of high principles’, he was never fully accepted by the music hall establishment, but undertook much charitable work in the First World War and later in efforts to improve the conditions of music hall entertainers. He continued to make occasional appearances, including a performance in the 1943 film Variety Jubilee at the age of 91. He died in London in 1945. He is buried with his wife in Brompton Cemetery, London.

Recordings that he made in the 1920s can be found on the Chairman’s Choice – Music Hall Greats album.

His eldest son, Major Duncan McCallum, became MP for Argyll.

Giovanni Cariani

Giovanni Cariani (c. 1490–1547), also known as Giovanni Busi or Il Cariani, was an Italian painter of the high-Renaissance, active in Venice and the Venetian mainland, including Bergamo, thought to be his native city.

His father, also Giovanni Busi, was born in Fuipiano Al Brembo which is an hamlet of San Giovanni Bianco (Bergamo), and was appointed a local magistrate for the Venetian authorities. His son, also born in Fuipiano Al Brembo, is known to have lived in Venice starting in 1509, and may have trained with either Giovanni Bellini or Giorgione, and almost certainly was influenced by them. Though he worked often in Bergamo, he died in Venice in 1547. He was strongly influenced by Palma il Vecchio, but had a provincial love of scenery as seen in his Sacra conversazione with a youthful donor. While working in Bergamo (1517–1523), he likely overlapped with Lorenzo Lotto how to tender meat, who worked there from 1513-1525.

The 1987 BBC Two television play Cariani and the Courtesans, written and directed by Leslie Megahey spandex running belt, presented a fictionalised account of the painter’s time in Venice, with Cariani (Paul McGann) interacting with other historical characters, such as Tullia d’Aragona (Diana Quick), Marcantonio Raimondi (Simon Callow), and Francesco Albani (Michael Gough), with a brief “cameo” by Albrecht Dürer (Frederik de Groot), and narrated by Charles Gray. The narrative is woven around the painting of a number of his works, principally Four Courtesans and Three Gentlemen.

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